Pleasant Spirit


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Informed Guidance

In my 20+ years of serving in PreK-higher education settings, I offer consulting in the areas of child development, educational & life coaching, culturally relevant teaching, culturally responsive pedagogy, intercultural competency, leadership, racial equity, social justice, spiritual consciousness, teacher development, teen parenting, and more.

  • Educational Equity Consultant 

  • Cultural Competency Trainer (PELSB approved)

  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator

  • Current MN Elementary and Principal Administrator's Licenses



Get Inspired

In the pursuit of happiness, I discovered that to be happy is fleeting- I had a choice to face my past and to move on to the present. Navigating childhood trauma, raising two children as a single teen mother, obtaining three degrees in higher education, and seeking purpose in life are some areas that I can offer inspiration and healing to others. Being present is a skill to be acquired. Every day is a choice to seize the moment and to be still. I am eager to share aspects of my life that have raised my spiritual consciousness.​



Achieve Your Goals

It took a long time for me to utter the words that I am a writer and author. I began writing as a child in the form of diaries and journals- outlets for living a tumultuous life. I am currently working on a personal memoir. It would be an honor to publish and co-publish scholarship in the areas of educational research, teaching, race, cultural diversity, critical reflection, memoirs, and more.