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Pleasant Spirt


Welcome to Pleasant Spirit!

My first name is Naomi. In Hebrew, Naomi means Pleasant Spirit. I prayed about what my business name should be, and in a time of meditation, it was revealed to me that my entire life I have been searching for happiness, but what I needed was to be content, to have a pleasant spirit. A pleasant spirit is what I believe is missing in the lives of young people and adults. All of the conflict, discord, strife, struggles we face can be endured with a pleasant spirit that can guide us to the will of our creator, our God, our universe- you choose the name! It is being aligned to our purpose and the will of the above that matters. I believe we all have the potential to reach heightened performance by first starting with awakening our spiritual consciousness.

May my services of consulting, speaking, and writing be a guide to what you are seeking!

Peace & Blessings,

~Dr. Naomi R. Taylor